How will you and your little one benefit from our playschool environment?

Our tots thrive on individualised attention and affirmation.  We work in close partnership with our parents in the best interest of our little ones.  Each and every child at our facility is treasured and adored for who they are in their own uniqueness.

The key to learning is through play and doing!!!  That is exactly what we strive for at Ruby Rabbits.  Our approach to facilitate learning is by actively involving our tots through play and “doing”.

Our small groups ensure ample quality time with each child individually in order to encourage independence and self-confidence through varied fun-filled experiences.  Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”   Our goal at Ruby Rabbits is to awaken this joy as we encourage each child to explore and learn at their own pace through playing and enjoying fun activities.

Our weekly themes are presented in a fun, interactive and stimulating atmosphere.  Each topic is introduced from different angles by involving all senses, exposing each child to new concepts and manifold aspects of the theme.

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Sensory Integrative Approach

All of the information we receive about the world comes to us through our sensory system. Because many sensory processes take place within the nervous system at an unconscious level, we are not usually aware of them. Although we are all familiar with the senses involved in taste, smell, sight and sound, most of us do not realize that our nervous systems also sense touch, movement, force of gravity and body position. Just as the eyes detect visual information and relay it on to the brain for interpretation, all sensory system have receptors that pick up information to be perceived by the brain. Cells within the skin send information about light, touch, pain, temperature, and pressure. Structures within the inner ear detect movement and changes in the position of the head. Components of muscles, joints and tendons provide an awareness of body position.

Sensory Activities such as messy & noisy play and movement forms a vital part of our morning program.

These sensory activities are the foundation on which reading, writing and math skills are developed and is vital to the developing child.  Small children learn by exploring through their senses.  The more – the better!

Sensory exploration goes hand in hand with fine motor skill and creativity.  While exploring and experimenting with a large variety of textures, feels, smells, tastes, temperatures, colours, shapes, sound and movement, children are lead on a sensory adventure, discovering the properties of things through all their senses.

Experimenting with messy play can excite even the youngest child’s imagination and promote a sense of great achievement, self-expression and fun.  The medium lends itself to freedom as there is no expected end product.  The value of sensory play lies in the “doing”, not the end result