Brendan & Elinka Coates

We have had the privilege of having both our children attend this amazing school. Our kids are very different in everyway. Our daughter is six now and is very soft hearted and gental. While her brother who is now two and a half is as wild as little boys come.  This is where Ruby Rabbits raises above the rest and reveals just how special Adri and her amazing staff are, who cater to our child’s individual needs.   There is nothing better for parents of small children to know without a shadow of adout your child’s needs are been seen to on a daily basis.  This is achieved by great communication from the teachers twice daily. From small chats to what’s app messages or general meetings. So you as the parents together with the very talented teachers are on the same page every day as you walk together growing with your little ones.   Without adout Ruby Rabbits is our only recommendation for your little ones start to school life.  Adri, the teachers and staff are the only choice for happy, healthly and blessed kids.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning. ” Brad Hendry

Well done Ruby Rabbits

Yours Sincerely Brendan & Elinka Coates

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