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Adri Ferreira is the dedicated and “hands-on” owner-principal of our playschool. She is happily married and mother of two grown children a son (21) and daughter (24).    Early childhood development is very close to her heart.   She has completed her Unisa Diploma in Early Childhood Development Education Management.

From Adri’s pen :  “Dear Parents, I am well aware of  parents’ needs, wants and fears when it comes to their little ones first care away from home.  I raised my two children whilst being a full time working mommy.   As a mom, I experienced first hand the concerns, uncertainty and sometimes frustrations and heartache that only a parent can know, when entrusting your child to a total stranger.  From my own experience I know that the choice of preschool can make all the difference in this crucial phase.  At Ruby Rabbits, in addition to our amazing facility and dynamic team of teachers and caregivers, we truly take hands with our parents to provide the necessary support and assistance.  As principal, I maintain an open door policy and first hand communication with our parents at all times.

We pride ourselves on personalised service and care.  You should expect no less from your child’s first school.

Yours in early childhood development.”

Certificates Obtained

Mind Moves (the neuroscience of learning, the neuroscience of development, the neuroscience of behavior, the neuroscience of uniqueness)

Eduexperts advanced (ELDA) All-In-One (toddler didactics 1-3)

First Aid Level 1

Eduplex - Think Creative in Preschool